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Paul D. Jarvis

Paul Jarvis, Burlington VT Lawyer

Mr. Jarvis has practiced law in Burlington, Vermont since being admitted to the Vermont Bar in 1972. From 1972 to 1975, he was a prosecutor in the Chittenden County State's Attorney's Office. He went into private practice in 1975 and has developed specialties in criminal law, family law, and personal injury. In 1982, Mr. Jarvis became a partner in the firm of Jarvis and Kaplan. In 2008 he formed the firm of Jarvis, McArthur & Williams, LLC.


Brooks G. McArthur

Brooks McArthur, Burlington VT Attorney

Mr. McArthur joined the firm in 2008. He concentrates his practice on litigation specifically on the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, divorce and family law.

In his personal injury practice, Mr. McArthur zealously and aggressively represents his clients who have been injured due to the negligence of others. Mr. McArthur has obtained substantial settlement amounts for his clients in order to pay medical bills and other out of pocket expenses, to compensate for pain and suffering, lost wages, permanent disabilities, and for psychological and emotional distress.


David J. Williams

David J. Williams, Burlington VT Attorney

Mr. Williams has practiced law since 1985. In his first position at the New York Legal Society’s criminal appeals bureau, he successfully litigated a landmark double jeopardy issue, winning his client’s freedom after the New York Court of Appeals reversed the decisions of two lower state courts. Moving to Vermont in 1988, Mr. Williams worked at the Officer of the Defender General with a focus on drug cases in the state’s trial and appellate courts before entering private practice in St. Johnsbury in 1991.


What will a lawyer do for me?

You need a lawyer with the experience to know where to spend resources and time. An inexperienced lawyer can spend hours pursuing a defense that is destined to fail. Work ethic and experience allows a lawyer to focus efforts on those areas of a case that will do a client the most good. Jarvis, McArthur & Williams, LLC is dedicated to providing the best defense for you and your loved ones. Jarvis, McArthur & Williams, LLC has years of experience defending hundreds of clients charged with crimes in both the Federal and State Courts.


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